Assurances at a Glance

The six Assurances, and the subject of this training, are: 

  1. Level of Care: Participants enrolled in the HCBS waiver meet the level of care criteria consistent with those residing in institutions.

  2. Service Plan: A person’s needs and preferences are accurately assessed and reflected in a person-centered service plan.

  3. Qualified Providers: Agencies and workers providing services are qualified. 

  4. Health and Welfare: Participants are protected from abuse, neglect and exploitation and get help when things go wrong or bad things happen.

  5. Financial Accountability: A state Medicaid Agency pays only for services that are approved and provided, the cost of which does not exceed the cost of a nursing facility or institutional care on a per person or aggregate basis (as determined by the state).  

  6. Administrative Authority: The state Medicaid Agency is fully accountable for HCBS waiver design, operations and performance.