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Federal Assurances in Action

In this section of the training we’ll review each of the six assurances individually and then talk about each “Assurance in Action”. We’ll do that by first describing the assurance, and then by applying that assurance to a case study. 

Please choose one of two case studies to follow through the six assurances. The first case study focuses on HCBS waivers working with older adults or adults with disabilities; the second on HCBS waivers for persons with intellectual disabilities. Select your choice by clicking on either Case Study #1 or Case Study #2 below. Once you’ve selected your case study you’ll receive background information on the case you’ve selected. After you read the background we’ll begin our discussion of each assurance. 

Please click on either:

Case Study #1 - Mr. Richard Kaye, an older adult with medical conditions

Case Study #2 - Mr. Sam Wilson, an adult with intellectual disabilities

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