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Case Study - Mr. Richard Kaye

Today Ruby is stopping by to visit with Mr. Kaye and his latest caregiver, Beverly. Bev has been on the job for 3 months and is doing well. When Ruby gets to the house Mr. Kaye is taking a nap so she sits down to review Mr. Kaye’s plan with Bev. At one point in the conversation Bev makes a remark that raises a concern for Ruby:

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What should Ruby do if Bev refuses to report the incident?

Since Ruby didn’t witness the interaction, all she can do is encourage Bev to make a report. She should try to be more persuasive.

Ruby should wait a few days to give Bev a chance to report, but if she doesn’t, Ruby should make the report herself.

If Bev won’t file a report, Ruby should do it immediately.


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