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Case Study - Mr. Sam Wilson

Things have been going well for both Ruby and Sam.  Ruby updated Sam’s service plan and has been monitoring the plan closely. She makes sure that any service Sam receives is tied to a goal in the service plan and that all services are well documented.   Ruby checks in with Sam and his mother  regularly to make sure the plan is working and that Sam is getting what he needs. Things have been going smoothly.

Unfortunately, Ruby has just received notification from the support coordination agency, that Sam’s favorite support person is leaving for another job.  The agency has assigned a new support person to Sam and assures Ruby that George, the new person, is qualified for the role.  But Ruby knows that changing a direct support worker can be hard, especially when the former relationship was so compatible.

George’s first day at work coincides with Ruby’s next visit with Sam so she is available to help in George’s orientation. She listens as Sam’s mother explains to George the daily assistance Sam needs and his preferences for when and how he receives each service. Ruby provides a copy of the relevant section of the Service Plan and describes each task in detail.  Ruby notes with concern that George asks no questions, does not take notes, and does not interact directly with Sam.  When she asks George questions about his prior experience he’s vague.

Ruby makes a note to come back later in the week to observe George at work. She also will call the support coordination agency and inquire into George’s prior experience.


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