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Case Manager's Role, cont'd

In addition to the important work you do to promote quality directly with participants, as a case manager you have an equally important role in documenting what you do.

Good documentation:

  • Allows you to review your work and track changes.

  • Provides continuity for others who work with the individual.

  • Helps you and agency administrators identify opportunities for quality improvement.

  • Provides the evidence required by your state to meet the federal assurances.

But that’s not all. The information you provide through your documentation not only provides evidence that you are meeting the assurances, it also impacts future services.

This is the quality improvement aspect of this cycle. A lot has been learned through the years about what works in home and community based services and your documentation contributes to that knowledge. It is through research and experience that CMS and states refine the HCBS waiver to help you and all case managers produce the best outcomes for HCBS waiver participants.

Now that you have a little background about the HCBS waiver quality system, let’s look at each of the six assurances “in action” and how they relate to your work.

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