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Train the Trainer Materials

This page provides links to all the materials you’ll need if you choose to deliver this training face-to-face rather than on-line. The materials are designed for the TRAINERS who will lead the face-to-face delivery. All of the materials are described in more detail in the first link, Training Introduction. Click on the icon to access the following:


An introduction to the training and a list of the materials you’ll need before you begin. Read this before you continue.



The actual curriculum you will use for training, along with tips and activities for engaging learners.



Power Point slides to accompany the curriculum.  If you don’t have a method for displaying slides you can print them as a handout.

video icon

Video files of the 7 episode case study. You will also need to print the group exercises for each episode from the link #5.
Episode 1           Episode 2
Episode 3a         Episode 3b
Episode 3c         Episode 4a
Episode 4b         Episode 4c
Episode 5           Episode 6

Compressed zip file of all videos


Written version of the case studies.  This link includes handouts for the Mr. Kaye and Mr. Sam Wilson case studies plus the group exercises that accompany each episode.



Trainee handouts are the materials you give to participants as they enter the training, such as the draft agenda, the quality roles graphic and the training evaluation form.


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